In truth, this page is less about ‘me’ specifically, but rather more about how and why I became a coach … It has taken a number of years to get to this stage of having a career that provides me with the opportunity and sense of satisfaction through supporting others to achieve their dreams.  My career has certainly provided me with some of the most moulding, powerful, happiest, hurtful, altering, accepting and informative years of my life.  Here’s where my journey began ….

In my formative years, before I embarked on my career as an actress, I enthusiastically leapt my way into the world of musical theatre at a young age.  I was fortunate enough to play wonderful roles in the West End of London, such as the original Mary Delgado in Jersey Boys, Stephanie in Saturday Night Fever and Pearl in Starlight Express.  I will forever be proud of my theatre achievements and now film and TV career, but honestly, the huge amount I learnt as a result of being part of this world and what it taught me about life in general is what interests me more now.  To excel, achieve and get to the top of your game, whilst having the passion to observe behaviours through the impact of your environment was an incredible challenge in itself.  I unknowingly built a strong degree of resilience to the inevitable knocks of my confidence that a career in theatre will provide, enabling me to survive and succeed through the ongoing changes and stresses that arise.  In addition, in a cut throat industry, never forgetting the simple, yet effective way to just get on and do it …   because you have to!

Suzy Bastone

When I say challenges, here’s an example.  When I was living and working in Germany over 15yrs ago , I had a serious motorbike accident that forced me to change the way I thought about life altogether.  Not just the physical fragility and the possible effects on my chosen career, but the emotional ramifications that trauma can create.  I had to completely re-evaluate my outlook on life.  It spoke to my compassionate side, my empathy and understanding of self and others.

My emotional journey from that point onwards was at the forefront of my mind and whilst having to rehabilitate myself physically fairly quickly, I had to draw on the motivational skills that were luckily inbuilt through my training so far.  The marriage between body and mind came together beautifully whilst continuing my acting/dancing career and strengthening my emotional well-being.

Hence why, my somewhat later training as a qualified Personal Trainer, linked both the physical aspect of full on cardio workouts and the mindfulness and meditation of yoga/Pilates techniques.

My passion for the psychology of the human mind didn’t end there.  Through all these different avenues that I have explored in my life up to this point have influenced me to explore the human mind in more detail.  As a result of this I went on to train as a psychometric tools practitioner with Lumina Spark.  This has allowed me to deepen my understanding of human behaviour and how to share this with my clients to raise awareness of the challenges we all face in our personal lives and business.

The range of clients I have had through my coaching has been wide and varied.  Some of my clients have come from the commercial business sector and it has become abundantly clear that the core skills of persuasive communication and presentation are critical to success in the commercial world.  This has led to me partnering with communication skills experts in the business world and developing group workshops to develop these skills.

I also believe these skills are applicable in any walk of life, in terms of building confidence to connect with people, I utilise the same principles within my coaching.

The variety of life skills I have learnt over the course of my career are more than I could have ever imagined.  The combination of them all have made me the coach I am today, and I am passionate about the fact that they enable me to truly inspire my clients to bring about positive changes in their lives.