1-2-1 Sessions:

As a coach, my aim is to help you understand the patterns of your past, but unlike some therapies, we won’t stay stuck in the problem! We’ll use practical tools for shifting your thought process and give you space to find your own clarity so you can set achievable goals that will shift the trajectory of your life! 


1-2-1 Coaching is for you if: 

  • You know there’s more to life but you just don’t know how to get there

  • You have an idea of your path but are too scared to take action

  • You want accountability

  • You want to move forward while strengthening your awareness and well-being

  • You want change.


Workshops/Group Sessions:

These will be tailored to specific requirements and needs.

The typical workshops I run are:

  • Well-Being workshops- Work/life Balance-Confidence-Health-Fitness-nutrition-coping skills

  • Confidence-How to lift your confidence and Self-esteem

  • Change/transferrable skills-Facilitating your needs for Transitional periods

  • Communication Skills-Utilising core skills in a range of interactive situations

  • Presentation Skills-Understanding needs/concerns of your audience-developing key messages-utilising delivery skills

  • Psychometric Tools (Lumina Sparks Learning)-A fun way of learning how to understand yourself in order to understand others, to better connect and build meaningful rapport within the workspace and personal life.