Client testimonials

After each session with Suzy, I have left being motivated and empowered.  Each goal we have worked on has been worked through and allowed me a greater clarity on what I need to achieve.  I have really felt the benefits with my sessions and it has opened my eyes to seeing goals in much smaller, achievable parts.  These sessions have impacted positively in my personal life and made me feel more focussed on my goals.



Sandra Murdoch
Yoga business owner Scotland




I have found the sessions of great benefit both emotionally and mentally.  I found the guidance and patience of Suzy helped me professionally and personally.  I feel a stronger more rounded person because of the sessions and have certainly taken on board all that Suzy has taught me.


Simon Hubbard
Director/writer/producer London




Suzy has been instrumental in helping me focus on my goals for me, which otherwise slip with my hectic family life.  The sessions help me concentrate on why I want to attain them, how it will make me feel, and what could get in the way of progress.  By implementing small steps, they have become achievable.  We have broken the goals down, so I can make progress.  Suzy is very good at questioning me / steering as to how I can record progress, and how to know if I am following my plans (when I’m busy and easily distracted).  The sessions are very useful; in addition, Suzy is reliable, personable and charming.



Rebecca Davies
House wife/solicitor London




The seven sessions I had with Suzy have been so beneficial and came at a great time in my life.  She is the perfect mix of challenging ad understanding.  Suzy’s guidance, with her insightful nature and strategies used, have enabled me to open up my mind more than I thought was possible! She has fuelled my energy so much and within our sessions I am always ready to move forward.  I will definitely be carrying on with Suzy and will be recommending her to everyone I meet.


Lisa Gorgin
Actor Los Angeles




My sessions with Suzy have helped me realise and understand more about myself.  I tend to under value my worth, the things I have done, and how I am still coping in my undesired situation. Suzy also gave me some pointers on how to feel better about myself, which I am trying to do, albeit a slow process, as I can only explain that my mind-set had been conditioned over my lifetime.

process, as I can only explain that my mind-set had been conditioned over my lifetime.  In my six sessions with Suzy, she has never judged me, for which I am grateful, as it is very difficult for me to share my situation with another.  I have never seen Suzy; she has a very friendly, cheerful voice that makes it easy for me to open up to her, despite never having met her before.  I thank her for being there for me when I needed help most.



Isabel Yee
Teacher London




These sessions were so much more beneficial to me than I ever realised they could be.  I thought life coaching might be right for me as I’d been a little stuck with my career.  I’d lost focus and felt like nothing was progressing or improving and hadn’t been for a while.  I was presented with the opportunity to have some coaching sessions and jumped at the chance.

Suzy put me 100% at ease, she was wonderful and really made me feel that my goals were achievable and realistic.  She helped me to realise how simple my big goal was, once broken down.  She helped me figure out my smaller goals and encouraged me to achieve them in a time frame that was manageable and set by me.  Knowing we would have a follow up session really made me want to have something to share for the next catch up.  I have made huge advances during the time I’ve had my sessions, working hard towards my smaller goals, knowing that my main goals are also being chipped away at, steadily.

I feel generally so much more positive since my time with Suzy.  These sessions really have changed my outlook on not just my career, but my whole life.  And I know any time I am stuck, I can go back to Suzy and reset my focus, and work on my new goals.


Katie Patterson
Actor/writer London




Working with Suzy has added that needed dose of direct accountability, encouragement and direction for me to make the next phase of my creative journalism portfolio – Space Exploration – a reality. Suzy has asked important, appropriately probing questions that challenge me to get super specific with my goals and options, to take me from ‘dreaming about it’, to ‘just published it’!! I’ve developed a realistic production calendar with Suzy, and I look forward to next adding a set of upcoming publishing dates.

I signed up for coaching to be challenged, and Suzy does just that through her generous listening, calm yet assertive redirection when I steer off course, and a super positive spirit that tells me, wow, I really have someone on my team rooting for me on my journey to victory!!



Jeremy Kocal
Content specialist/writer/digital marketing consultant Los Angeles